January 2022 Minutes

2021 Minutes Archive Uploaded on February 15, 2022



Minutes of the proceedings of the Ordinary Meeting of the Council, held at Kibblesworth Millennium Centre, on Monday 10th January 2022.



Chairperson: Cllr J Callaghan.

Councillors: Stephen Phillips, Heather Nixon, Jane McCoid, Elizabeth Andrew, Beverley Cann, Steve Greaves, Lisa Johnson and Celia Kendal.


157     Apologies for Absence:   Robert Harrison (illness),  Gordon Baldwin (Covid), Emma Miller (isolating) and Andrew Batten (working)


The following vacancies were shared:

Kibblesworth – 6 Members.

Cllr R Harrison, Cllr Gordon Baldwin, Cllr Stephen Phillips

Cllr Heather Nixon, Cllr Jackie Callaghan, Cllr Jane McCoid.

Longshanks & Team Colliery – 3 Members

Cllr Elizabeth Andrew, Cllr Beverley Cann.  (One Vacancy).

Eighton Banks – 5 Members

Cllr Emma Miller, Cllr Andrew Batten, Cllr Steve Greaves (Vice Chair),

Cllr Lisa Johnson. (One Vacancy)

Lady Park & Lamesley – 1 Member

Cllr Celia Kendal


158     MINUTES: Discussion, Action and Questions of last meeting minutes:


Draft minutes from 8th November 2021 meeting were circulated by Cllr Steve Greaves as temporary clerk and agreed.


159     Correspondence received since November meeting:


Ouston Parish Council have been in touch with the Parish asking if they could benchmark with Lamesley regarding similar issues that they face with fly tipping, motocross bikes on public footpaths etc.  Cllr Jackie Callaghan has shared the fly tipping posters that have been displayed and the Parish agreed to think about how we can work with other councils and to discuss this at the February meeting.


Cllr Steve Greaves said that Gateshead Council have been in touch regarding next years precept and Cllr Jackie Callaghan replied that she has already dealt with this.


It was noted that the Clerk vacancy advertisement that closed in December did not attract any suitable applicants.  The Parish Council agreed to keep the advert open on the website and for it be raised again on the Mount facebook page.  All Councillors to think about who could be suitable for this role and to search for interested people to apply.


160    Specific area updates: 


  • Eighton Banks Ward:


Overgrown hedges and verges was raised again regarding Galloping Green Lane area narrowing the paths and roads which is a safety issue and cars speeding along the road is still an issue.

▪           Cllr Jane McCoid has contacted GMBC grass cutting team for action but they responded by saying that some of their equipment is broken and this is reducing their capacity. There has been some progress but it is still not completed. Cllr Lisa Johnson will continue to monitor this and report back next month.


The drainage of rain water on Rockcliffe Way is still an issue even after several requests to GMBC to clear the gullys and channels.  Cllr Steve Greaves updated that the drains have now been cleared but the gully still needs doing resulting in the rainwater not draining away.  He added that on 10/9 he spoke on the phone with GMBC and was told that this is a major activity and cannot be planned in for about 4 months taking the timescale to January 2022.

▪           Cllr Steve Greaves will continue to pursue this with GMBC until this is resolved and contact them again in February 2022.


Concerns were raised over the field next to Bryson’s which has a wall around it is poor repair that is becoming more dangerous.

▪           Cllr Emma Miller agreed to speak with Bryson’s regarding ownership and share the concerns with Cllr Jane McCoid to help identify ownership and accountability to ensure improvements are made. There is still no progress on this and Cllr Lisa Johnson will take the cover as it becomes more urgent.


Concerns raised again around the motorbikes using bridleways and a report received of motorbikes deliberately scaring horse and riders.

▪           Cllr Lisa Johnson confirmed The Mount Community Centre and some local residents have shared video footage with Police and will continue to do so.

▪           Cllr Steve Greaves and Cllr Jane McCoid also agreed to contact GMBC for some more directive prevention signage similar to that that is used in Sunderland MBC.


There was a serious accident reported on the path by the Mount hall where a horse fell into a hole left by Northumbria Water and injured the rider.  Cllr Lisa Johnson contacted Northumbria Water immediately and the hole was filled in and made good.


  • Kibblesworth:


Dangerous parking continues on Kibblesworth Front Street when school children are leaving school.

▪           Cllr Jackie Callaghan has spoken to local drivers and things appear to have improved but will continue to monitor the situation as school resumes after Christmas.


The issues with the road deterioration on Ashvale Avenue and Laburnum Crescent which are getting worse and nothing has been corrected as yet,

▪           Cllr Heather Nixon agreed this needed to be escalated as it was due to be completed by Autumn 2021 and Cllr Jackie Callaghan agreed that the Parish Council will now write directly to Martin Gannon, Leader of GMBC, on matters like this.


Kibblesworth and Lamesley Community Sports Club have requested a clear and unambiguous statement from GMBC regarding their immediate and future intent regarding the operation and maintenance of the entire Welfare Park Site. This request is to be issued to Liz Twist (MP) and all ward councillors for their input and support. This is in light of different information from GMBC regarding their future intentions in operating and maintaining the site. The latest statement from the council dated 16th December 2021 suggested that all maintenance will cease in March 2022.


It has been noted that there has been an increase in anti social behaviour and vandalism in the park. The latest incident involved the police attending the park to issue warning to adults and children riding motorcycles and quad bikes on the sports pitches at night.


Vandalism to the new children’s play equipment and two incidents of rubbish bins being set on fire have also been reported. GMBC have been approached to consider installing CCTV on the sports pavilion but this has been refused.

⁃           Cllr Heather Nixon to contact GMBC to return and refix the park bench adjacent the sports pavilion which was removed.

⁃           Cllr Heather Nixon and Cllr Jackie Callaghan to contact GMBC to inspect and maintain, repair where necessary, the children’s play equipment as some of it may be dangerous. Following the maintenance/repair of the equipment the PC would offer to paint the equipment where necessary.  Also to seek permission from GMBC to install additional notices around the park advising that the park is for younger children, bicycles are not allowed in the park and advising that the park is not a dog exercise area.


Damage has been reported at Laburnam Crescent bungalows

⁃           Cllr Heather Nixon to request  GMBC to inspect and repair/demolish where necessary the chimneys on these properties. The chimneys may be structurally unsound and are allowing water into some properties.  Also to request for GMBC to inspect and refit/replace the missing gates to the fences of these properties. These properties are occupied by the elderly and/or disabled and are suffering from occasional ASB.


insufficient number of Grit/Salt bins.

⁃           Additional grit and salt bins are required throughout the parish. Cllr Jane McCoid agreed to contact GMBC to provide and refill grit bins in locations to be advised by the relevant area parish councillors. Currently additional grit/salt is placed in heaps on footpaths and roads for the public to use. This causes tripping hazards and is unsightly.


Moormill/Moormill court fences damaged in recent storms.

⁃           Cllr Heather Nixon to request to GMBC to inspect the fences in this area. Recent storms have damaged and blown down some fences in this area. Some remaining fences may be unsafe and the difference in levels from one property to one adjacent is circa 3 to 4m creating a falling hazard.


Kibblesworth Bank lighting.

⁃           Cllr Heather Nixon to request to GC to inspect and repair the street lights on Kibblesworth Bank and adjacent to Horse World at Lamesley as some aren’t working.


Keepmoat Development roofs.

⁃           GMBC to be contacted requesting up to date data regarding the roof failures in the development


Grange Estate tree.

⁃           Request to Gc to remove the tree on Grange Estate that was blown over in the recent storms. This is currently obstructing the footpath


  • Lady Park & Lamesley:


Ongoing issues with the absence of HGV road signs preventing them from using minor roads for access continues.

▪           Cllr Celia Kendal to continue to monitor this and raise all necessary issues.


Banesley Lane Nature Reserve is now overgrown and a hazard to pedestrians and traffic.

⁃           Cllr Celia Kendal requested that the entrance needs clearing and that the phone number on the noticeboard in incorrect.


  • Longshanks & Team Colliery :


Speeding on Lamesley Road is still a concern with 2 accidents having already happened and blocked the road and near misses continue.  There was another accident on Sunday 31/10

▪           Cllr Elizabeth Andrew advised they have contacted Northumbria Safer Road Scheme in the hope they will allow speed camera vans to be sited on the road and a neighbour is considering a Community Speed Watch Group.


Damaged kerb stones are being reported on Lamesley Road from the HGV lorries entering the Cement Works.

▪           Cllr Elizabeth Andrew agreed to report this and to continue monitoring.


Large amounts of gravel are being dropped from wagons leaving North East Concrete at the junction of Lamesley Road and Durham Road.

⁃           Cllr Elizabeth Andrew to monitor the situation and feedback to NE Concrete.





Balance at 24th December 2021


Treasury account                    £. 8,923.39

Memorial account                   £     447.66

Contingency account             £10,004.02


Paid out in December –         Kibblesworth Wreath                      20.00

Advert for Clerk vacancy               120.00

Netwise website upgrade             238.80

Barrels from Gateshead allotments  529.54


Expected expenses in January/February

▪       Plants and fertiliser for remaining flower barrels around the Parish




Cllr Jackie Callaghan repeated that we must now raise all of the Parishes outstanding issues directly with Martin Gannon, Leader of GMBC, and Liz Twist as we keep bringing them to the attention of GMBC officials and none or little progress is being made.

▪           All Councillors agreed with this and Cllr Heather Nixon has written up the Kibblesworth issues to be put forward.  This list will be circulated to Eighton Banks, Longshanks and Lady Park for their issues to be added before sending to Martin and Liz for a response.




DC/21/00133/FUL Full Application Erection of one 3 bedroom dwelling (amended plans received and description amended 16.07.2021, amended plans received 08.09.2021). AT: Land Adjacent 1 Cypress Road, Eighton Banks Gateshead NE9 7XE Mr Adam Graham 4 Staithes The Watermark Gateshead NE11 9SN For: Mr Jordison Office 102 The Annexe William Street Gateshead NE10 0JP Grant

DC/21/00276/FUL Full Application Change of use of land, including existing hardstanding, to for waste transfer and processing facility in connection with green waste composting activity, installation of concrete sump, and new vehicular access (additional information 05/07/21 and amended information received 12/07/21). AT: Burdon Moor Farm , Birkland Lane Marley Hill Whickham Miss Maria Ferguson 14 Gordon Crescent Richmond DL10 5AQ For: Mr Darren Willey Green Tech Services Broomfield Farm Chopwell Newcastle upon Tyne NE17 7AS Grant

DC/21/00752/ADV Application to Display Adverts Display of 3 externally illuminated and 2 non-illuminated signs (amended plans received 24.08.21 and 21.09.21) AT: Eighton Lodge , Low Eighton Harlow Green Gateshead Mr Stephen Phillipson 1 boyd street sheildfield newcastle upon tyne ne2 1ap For: Mr David Dryden Eighton Lodge, Low Eighton Harlow Green Gateshead NE9 7UB Split decision

DC/21/00979/FUL Full Application Alterations to roof construction resulting in an overall height increase of 310mm and incorporating consequential alterations to rooflights, flues, pipework and SVPs AT: Kingsway Interchange , Eleventh Avenue Team Valley Gateshead Mr. Christopher Loj Suite 1 & 2 Walker Davison House High Street Newburn NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE NE15 8LN For: Mr. David Finnigan 2nd Floor, Building 7 Queens Park, Queensway Team Valley Trading Estate Gateshead NE11 0QD Grant

DC/21/01014/OHL Overhead Electricity Lines Relocation of exisiting pole AT: Pennyfine Road, Sunniside Newcastle Upon Tyne 1-3 Lakeside Way Ashington Northumberland NE63 8QW Observations

DC/21/00885/FUL Full Application Erection of detached dwelling with garage (additional information submitted 03.09.2021). AT: 27 North Dene, Northside Birtley DH3 1PZ Mr John Waugh Broadway Studio The Broadway Houghton-le-Spring DH4 5AS For: Mr Douglas Coulthard 47 Dorset Avenue Birtley DH3 2DU Grant

DC/21/00969/FUL Full Application VARIATION OF CONDITION: Condition 8 (Not permanent occupation) of DC/15/00457/FUL to allow suite 3 to be used as accommodation for the duty manager. AT: The Goat House, South Farm Gateshead NE11 0ET Mrs Janet Macpherson C/O Agent – – – – – Grant

DC/21/01148/HHA Householder Application Erection of single-storey rear extension with alterations. AT: Liddell Terrace, Newlyn , Kibblesworth Bank Kibblesworth Birtley Mr Stephen Hawley 11 Warwick Court Durham DH1 3QA For: Mr Mark Coulson Liddell Terrace, Newlyn Kibblesworth Bank Kibblesworth Birtley NE11 0XJ Grant

DC/21/01176/HHA Householder Application Demolition of existing rear extension, Erection of a proposed single-storey rear extension. AT: 11 Hawthorn Terrace, Eighton Banks Gateshead NE9 7XY Mr Barry Milburn 11 Brampton Court Easington Village Peterlee Co. Durham SR8 3XG United Kingdom For: Mr John Robinson 11 Hawthorn Terrace Eighton Banks Gateshead NE9 7XY Grant




This is an outstanding action that needs a quick response.  Cllr Jane McCoid agreed to circulate to all Councillors an up to date list of GMBC contacts and their areas of responsibility. This has been requested on various occasions but not yet been received.  Cllr Jane McCoid will follow this up urgently.


The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022.  Official date Sunday 6th February 2022 with a 4 day celebration (2 bank holidays) from Thursday 2nd June to Sunday 5th June 2022.

This was discussed by the Parish Council and each area was asked to provide proposals at the next Parish Council meeting for their planned Jubilee celebrations in their area.  The Council will then discuss what funding can be provided to support these plans.


Cllr Andrew Batten’s attendance was raised by the Council as to whether he can still attend the meetings now that he has started a new job in Sunderland.

⁃           Cllr Steve Greaves agreed to contact Cllr Batten to raise this with him.


Cllr Steve Greaves mentioned that the website has been upgraded and updated and that he has access to this as temporary Clerk so please send in any pictures and stories to keep it relevant and topical.  It was discussed as to whether Councillors should provide a photograph of themselves for the website and agree that this would be good to do.  All Parish Councillors to provide the temporary clerk with a photograph or can have one taken at the February meeting.


165     Next Parish meeting


The next Parish Ordinary Meeting of the Council is proposed for Monday 14th February 2022 at 6.30pm at the Mount, Eighton Banks.




At this point of the meeting any member of the Public present is

able to ask questions or make suggestions to the Members of

the Council present provided they have given notice of the

questions or suggestions to the Chairperson or Clerk by 6pm on

the Monday prior to the meeting.



Councillor Jackie Callaghan




Parish Clerk, temporary Cllr Steve Greaves