Have you spotted the new Planters in Eighton Banks ?

Lamesley Parish Council have purchased 20 half barrels to populate with plants and flowers and distribute around the parish.  8 of these will be in Kibblesworth, 6 in Eighton Banks, 4 in Longshanks/Team Colliery and 2 in Lady Park.  This will brighten up the area through spring and into the summer and it is our intention to build on this in years to come.

You may have spotted the planters already in Eighton Banks which is the first area to deploy theirs and they are positioned on Rockcliffe Way with another 2 around the Galloping Green Road area.  The Rockcliffe Way ones are centered around Buxus trees to provide year round foliage, surrounded by pansey, bellis and tete tete.  Have you spotted any of them yet ?