New Kibblesworth Bus Timetables start today – Sunday 24th July 2022

Unfortunately, due to the number of changes that are taking place this weekend, Nexus needs to replace approx. 3,500 bus stops throughout Tyne & Wear due to the changes coming into effect this weekend. While we will do everything in our power to display them before Sunday, we cannot guarantee that all will be in place.

Please find attached the timetable for the 29, 28B which will serve the village on evenings/all daySunday and the TB14 which maintains the link down to Birtley.

One of the comments that has been taken away is the timing of the 09:17 service 29 towards Newcastle, Go North East staff are taking this away and seeing if anything can be done about changing the time towards 09:30 in collaboration with Durham County Council.

Click the link below for new timetables




Bus pass usage before 09:30/first 29 after 09:30 being 10:20:

The English National Concessionary Travel Scheme provides travel (the ‘free bus pass’) for those entitled to a state pension (aged 66 or more) after 9:30am on weekdays and all day at weekends and bank holidays.   The eligibility criteria is set by the Government, which provides funding to local councils in England (in Tyne and Wear this funding passes through councils to Nexus) to pay for this concession.   Nexus uses this funding to make payments of more than £30 million a year to the region’s three bus companies to reimburse them for journeys made.

The local power to introduce voluntary concessions on top of the English national scheme is open to all local councils in England.  At present local council’s fund Nexus to provide the following voluntary concessions for Tyne and Wear:

•             Free travel to hospital appointments before 9:30am for all card holders.

•             Free travel before 9:30am for disabled people in work or education.

•             Free travel for a companion with someone who would otherwise find it impossible to use public transport.

•             Discounted travel for people under the age of 16.

Due to local council funding pressures, it is not currently feasible for the scheme to be introduced before 09:30 in Tyne & Wear. However, following feedback from residents ,Go North East will discuss with Durham County Council if it is possible to change the time of the 09:17 service to make it more accessible.

Link to Doctors etc. in Birtley:

Nexus has secured the TB14 to maintain Monday – Friday links from Kibblesworth to Birtley.

Reliability issues:

Although we can not guarantee services will be reliable in the current climate (COVID etc.) Go North East staff have stated they believe due to fewer buses running from after July 24th but driver numbers remaining the same, that services should be more reliable. On top of this, drivers that currently operate scholars services will be available during the next 6 weeks to plug gaps in other services if staff sickness arises.

No buses for early start workers/students:

Nexus are continuing to support the 06:40 29 from Kibblesworth to Gateshead operated by Gateshead Central Taxis on top of the Go North East service 29.

Terminus in Eldon Square:

Following feedback from passengers, they new service 29 and 28B will operate into Eldon Square instead of Market Street.

Links to Chester-Le-Street/social outings:

The 29 has been extended for Chester-Le-Street via Beamish in collaboration with Durham County Council